• How Your EU Online Business
    Location Impacts eSecurity

    And Why You Can Achieve the Highest Level of eSecurity in Luxembourg We all know that cybercrime and cyber attacks are increasing in number and severity. Many household name brands have experienced well-publicised data breaches. Other companies have suffered damaging DDoS…
  • Cutting Through EU VAT Complexity

    A Key Reason Why Luxembourg is an Ideal EU Headquarters Location Many eBusiness and media startups along with established companies want to enter the EU eMarketplace. The potential is enormous, with over 500 million Internet-savvy consumers ready to buy goods and services…
  • Why are Chinese Banks and eBusinesses Entering the EU Market from Luxembourg?

    Events in Shanghai and Hangzhou Give the Answers Recently, the Agricultural Bank of China set up European headquarters in Luxembourg. With the Bank of China, ICBC, China Construction Bank and China Merchants Bank already established here, Luxembourg is now one of the…
  • Raising Awareness of Luxembourg as a
    Premier European IT and Media Hub

    Luxembourg’s Embassies and Chamber of Commerce Facilitate Profitable Bi-Lateral Business Opportunities I recently participated in a very successful event that was held by the Luxembourg embassy in Paris. Entitled “Discover the ICT Sector in Luxembourg,” it was…
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