• What You Need to Consider When Choosing European Cloud Services

    Cloud Services can help companies that are new to the European marketplace quickly and cost-effectively set up operations. Cloud Services can also help companies already doing business in Europe penetrate new markets and reduce operating costs. It’s not always clearly…
  • How to Choose a Datacentre Location for EU Business — And Why Luxembourg is an Ideal Choice

    How to Evaluate a Datacentre — Part 2 Recently, I wrote a blog containing part one of an interview about how to evaluate a datacentre that I conducted with Tom Kettels, from the Luxembourg Ministry of State, Department of Media and Communications. He provided a lot of…
  • Which Tier Datacentre is Right for Your Business?

    How to Evaluate a Datacentre — Part 1 Many international online companies I talk with are interested in developing business in the European Union. The choice of where to establish European operations has important logistical, operational and fiscal ramifications. Of…
  • Luxinnovation — Propelling New Ideas into Successful Business

    I’m Jean-Paul Hengen, Manager of Luxembourg’s ICT Cluster that is managed by Luxinnovation, Luxembourg’s National Agency for Innovation and Research. I’m pleased to have been asked by POST Telecom to write a blog about how Luxinnovation fosters innovation and helps…
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