• New Media Website Focuses on the Sizzling Startup Environment in Luxembourg

    There’s an exciting new media website in Luxembourg that has already had 10,000 unique visitors in only six months. You might think it’s selling hot apps or giving away free movie tickets, but it is actually dedicated to something entirely unexpected: entrepreneurial…
  • What You Need to Consider When Choosing European Cloud Services

    Cloud Services can help companies that are new to the European marketplace quickly and cost-effectively set up operations. Cloud Services can also help companies already doing business in Europe penetrate new markets and reduce operating costs. It’s not always clearly…
  • How to Choose a Datacentre Location for EU Business — And Why Luxembourg is an Ideal Choice

    How to Evaluate a Datacentre — Part 2 Recently, I wrote a blog containing part one of an interview about how to evaluate a datacentre that I conducted with Tom Kettels, from the Luxembourg Ministry of State, Department of Media and Communications. He provided a lot of…
  • Which Tier Datacentre is Right for Your Business?

    How to Evaluate a Datacentre — Part 1 Many international online companies I talk with are interested in developing business in the European Union. The choice of where to establish European operations has important logistical, operational and fiscal ramifications. Of…
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